Our Process

Many of our clients have never hired an attorney before walking into our office the first time. Actual law practice is quite different from what is seen on TV – for example, the vast majority of claims settle outside of court.


When a potential client first arrives at our office, he or she – or a loved one – has been injured. This may have occurred as an on-the-job injury, automobile accident, from a dangerous condition on someone's property, animal attack, or a manufactured product defect. The first step is to investigate the facts of the accident and all involved parties to determine who is liable for the injury and what insurance policies, if any, are involved. Often an insurance claim is already in the works by the time a potential client contacts us.

We review the conclusions of our investigation with the potential client and explain who is liable and whether we believe we can be of assistance. If so, an attorney-client relationship is formed through a contract. Our representation is based on a contingency fee, meaning that we are compensated through a percentage of the settlement. If we are not able to prevail, no fee is collected. We also advance all case expenses up-front so you're not required to pay any expenses until a recovery is made.

Medical Treatment

If our client is uninsured, the next step is to help find a doctor that will treat their injuries. We ensure the physician that they will be paid from the future settlement or court award so that medical treatment can be received without significant up-front expense.

During this phase, our client is free to concentrate on healing. We notify insurance companies and other involved parties of our representation and request that all communication is sent through our office. We stay in regular contact with our client – monitoring progress, handling insurance forms, and dealing with claim and medical billing issues that arise.

Case Preparation

Next, we proceed with the case preparation: obtaining all remaining medical records and bills, evidence collection, and other documentation to create a detailed summary of the case. Once our client has recovered, we proceed with the case preparation: obtaining all medical records and bills, evidence collection, witness statements, and other documentation to create a detailed summary of the case. Our firm's diligence and time-tested approach in this phase leaves us fully prepared to fight for our client's rights.

A meeting with our client is scheduled to review all aspects of the case, the theory of liability, the available insurance coverage, and our evaluation of what the claim is worth. We also review special matters such as Medicare/Medicaid liens, hospital liens, signed letters of protection, and subrogation notices from health insurance carriers. We answer questions about the negotiation and settlement process, striving to make sure that our client is informed and comfortable.

Settlement or Trial

After the meeting, the detailed summary of the case and demand for settlement is sent to the insurance company for review, beginning the negotiation phase of the case. By making an initial demand, we are able to set the tone for the negotiations, as well as frame the relevant issues. Our client is updated on progress each step of the way. We do our best to inform and provide expertise, but ultimately, the decision to settle is solely with our client.

If an agreed-upon settlement value can be reached, our client signs a release waiving the right to sue in exchange for the settlement money. If no settlement value can be reached or the time limit for a lawsuit is approaching, then a suit is filed. While a lawsuit is pending, an acceptable settlement may still be reached, ending the claim. Otherwise, the case proceeds to trial. The settlement negotiation or lawsuit phase can repeat several times during a single case if there are multiple liable parties or insurance policies involved.

Post Settlement/Trial

After the case settles or a court award is received, there are a number of matters that must still be resolved. We help:

  • Ensure medical bills are resolved
  • Negotiate large or troublesome medical bills
  • Resolve liens or subrogation claims

Once all lingering medical bills are resolved, our representation is complete. Approximately half of our cases come from word-of-mouth referrals, proving that our clients enjoy a positive relationship with us and trust us. At the end of your case, we're sure you'll feel the same way, too.

Serving clients in Gwinnett, Hall, Jackson, Barrow and Banks counties.

  • Auto Accidents
  • Workers' Comp
  • Trucking Accidents
  • Brain Injuries
  • Spinal Injuries
  • Fractures
  • Burns
  • Loss of Life or Limb